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Welcome to Millennium Rentals first….Um Cough blog. Actually this is a repeat of many articles I have written before, unfortunately the site I started on isn’t very dependable for people to read or pull up, or open, or log in, ect, ect.

So Hello Blog world….again 🙂

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I am one of the owners of Millennium Rentals and my name is Rick Berry. I have been in the wedding industry since 1992. I have experience in about every type of event, from the simple to the extreme.

I started in the mobile disc jockey side of the industry and have had the pleasure of being apart of nearly 1000 events.


I rarely called myself a disc jockey because I felt closely described to what is called a day of coordinator. Now, this didn’t mean I was an event coordinator, but when it came to the event I was the one in charge of the flow of the event.

Like they say… The one who holds the mic, holds the attention.

However, over the years it became evident that when Brides wanted a disc jockey that didn’t say we want Millennium Music Masters (my other company) as much as we want Rick Berry.  Even though I had other great DJ’s that did just as great of a job, I could never fully step away and just run the business.  So, instead…. I opened Millennium Rentals. This business now allows me to continue to be a part of a great industry of love, fun and experiences but with out people asking exclusively for me. If Everything works out, I will be allowed to be apart of another 100 events.

Rick Berry

Millennium Rentals




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