Have you ever heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”?
Being in the entertainment industry for close to two decades has given me
the opportunity to witness and hear about event nightmares. These nightmares
happen because people use the same mentality to look for entertainment
as they do for unleaded gasoline. (Its all the same, so lets find the cheapest)
The flowers are beautiful, the gown is gorgeous, the videographer is professional
the food is fabulous, but you found an entertainer for the lowest price rather the
most experience. I believe that’s just a nightmare waiting to happen.


When a Dj compares his equipment to his competitors as a sales pitch, this is
a major red flag. Equipment is just a tool, but with out the experience to use
the tools his equipment makes no difference.
This example of a red flag is just one of the many things to look at to avoid
what professionals call “hobbyist”.


The average bride spends approximately 40% of her total wedding budget on
the caterer (food, cake, and liquor), 5% on the facilities for the reception,
4% on flowers, 4% on entertainment, 12% on clothing,
7% on a photographer, 2% on invitations and other printed supplies,
2% on gifts, 2% on transportation, 6% Rings and 16% on miscellaneous items.
79% of brides wish they would of spent more time looking for there
(These figures are based on Bride’s Magazine’s articles)
If you are the type of individual who trusts the success of your event on 4%,
then you will most likely be apart of the 79% bracket.


But for those who want top notch entertainment, then I suggest to do your
homework. Meet with at least 3 disc jockeys, and ask those questions
that are the most important to your standards in entertainment.
Make sure you ask for vendor referrals about their favorite Dj, and ask why those
dj’s are their favorite.

Remember the worst thing to ever do when looking for a professional is to
ask, “how much do you charge” as the first question. Dj’s are not like unleaded
gasoline, so don’t assume they are all the same.

Have a great event everyone….

Rick Berry
Millennium Rentals


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