Event Type Categories

Looking over the 24 years I have been in the event industry I realized that I can break down all events into 3 categories.

  1. Weddings
  2. Corporate (Grand opening, Promotional, Brand Awareness)
  3. Charity, cultural and social events (Fundraisers, Holiday events, Awareness Building)

Lets first talk weddings!

With a estimated 2.5 million weddings annually in the United States the industry has grown to a staggering $40 billion a year.

I can go on and on about the many different types of weddings but I wouldn’t have enough time to write about them all. The variety of weddings is virtually limitless!

summer pic weddin

If anyone has been to a wedding lately most are far from the kind of standard event we see on movies and old family pictures. Traditional couples are finding interesting twists and details to make their special day unique and memorable for all of their guests. Some of the more adventurous bride & grooms are looking out for new types of venues. Their choices range from lighthouses, boats, towers, caves  and national monuments.

They are no longer the boring events they use to be that’s for sure!


Corporate Events

I have done all sorts of corporate events over the years. The key & primary function of a corporate event is to build upon corporate brand. This can range from a sales push to grand opening, to award ceremonies for top sellers focused to engage with existing customers or to court new ones. The one thing I always reminded the team who was in charge was to give the impression that you care and never cut corners on looks….the customers know!



Charity, cultural and social events

In one way or another everyone has attended one of these events. There are all types of these kind of events. For example: Holiday dinners, Girl/Boy Scout fundraisers, concerts in the park, local and national causes etc. etc. The list is endless.

January 2016 522

The key to these events is to focus on bringing the community or like minded people together. Its really important that your ideas have a purpose though because most of these events are  organised by volunteers.

I hope this helped with a small bit of information on the many different event types.


Happy Planning!

Rick Berry




Wedding Colors!

Have you put much thought into your colors for your wedding or your event? Have you thought about what the color has to do in regards to the impact and perception of your event? Here are some flowers, and colors, and their prospective impact and idea that they portray.


Lilac first love
Lily elegance
Calla regal
Casablanca celebration
Day enthusiasm
Stargazer ambition
Lisianthus calming
Magnolia dignity
Marigold desire for riches
Nasturtium patriotism
Orange Blossom fertility
Orchid delicate beauty
Pansy loving thoughts
Passion flower passion
Peony healing
Poppy consolation
Queen Anne’s Lace delicate femininity
Ranunculus radiant
Rhododendron beware
pink admiration/appreciation
red passionate love
red & white unity
white purity
yellow friendship
Snapdragon presumptuous
Star of Bethlehem hope
Stephanotis good luck
Statice success
Sunflower adoration
Sweetpea shyness
Tuberose pleasure
pink caring
purple royalty
red declaration of love
white forgiveness
yellow hopelessly in love
Violet faithfulness
Wisteria steadfast
Yarrow good health

Did you have any of these at you last event? Do you remember how you felt about it?

Pink & Lavender Triple Rose Runner

Happy Events

Rick Berry

Millennium Rentals LLC



Baby is Warm outside!

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but its warming up. temp

What does that mean for those who are planning to get Married? Well it means planning time is here! With warmer weather in Utah comes flowers, blue skys, and spring love.

Winter spring

Yesterday was actually the first time this year I went outside with out a jacket. It was nice…still a little on the cool side but I could tell by all the people at the park I wasn’t the only one who was enjoying the nice change. So don’t forget to start planning because the warmer it gets the dates available with be harder and harder to reserve with your preferred vendor.

Happy Planning Everyone 🙂

Rick Berry

Millennium Rentals LLC.